August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things!

So here I am, making that first step towards getting back into the swing of what my first focus was for this year. I know I took a detour, unintentionally, but it is never to late right?

July26th, current weight, 288lbs.  22 pounds lost since February 1st, not good, but it is better then having any weight gain after going through these rough times we have just overcame. It is amazing to me that through this whole ordeal with Lenny's accident that I did not put any weight back on throughout this. Food can sometimes be a comfort. My last post was 4/14, and Lenny's accident was on 4/16. 3 months have gone by and I have not gained a pound back. The secret....I have held to my word that I would never "feel stuffed" ever again, and I haven't. So even at times when I ate something not healthy, I didn't overeat, which was my main problem with food. Overeating. So in looking back and getting off track I see how I had re-trained my brain or myself or whatever it is to not eat so much.

So today is Monday, and I am going to try to get right back on this wagon. Thanks to some advice I am going to post my calories and exercise on here daily at the end of the day so if you see me missing in action kick my butt!

Thanks for following me on this journey, hopefully I haven't lost everyone.

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  1. Good luck girlie! I am there with ya. Writing your calories and exercise down is a great idea. Love ya, OC Jenn