August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

Slow and steady wins the race. That is what I keep telling myself. Of course I wake up everyday just hoping all the weight will fall off, LOL, but of course it won't. Everything I have read about weight loss says that those who lose weight at a slow and steady weight are more likely to keep it off. I am so proud that I have been so successful so far. I can tell you that this is the longest I have ever gone without giving up. I think my brain has just finally accepted that this is not temporary and is a forever change, so if I am bad one day it has been so easy to just start again the next day like yesterday never happened.

I have lost another 3 pounds which is right on my goal track, 10 pounds a month, 2.5 pounds a week.

I have lost my way a little with exercising everyday, I am only doing every other to every third day which is no good. I have let some stress in my life take over and I have to nip that control in the bud and get back on track. Remember, today is a new day.

Well until next time!

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  1. You are doing great Nancy! You are doing everything the right way! If you slip today.. tomorrow is another day.