August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Recommended sweet tooth snack to you all - Do you like Peanut Butter Cups? I know I do. Well I have found that the Chocolate Quaker Rice Cakes with a tablesppon of Reduced Fat Skippy Peanut Butter smeared across the top of it is FANTASTIC! Only 60 calories in the rice cake and 90 calories in the peanut butter, which is also a good source of protein which is a great pick me up for the afternoon! Also it is WAY BIGGER then a 2 pack of peanut butter cups, which by the way have 210 calories and a lot of sugar!

Today I went to the grocery to get my food for work for the week. At the checkstand they have the Hostess items, so I picked up one of those Apple Pies I used to love so much, 470 CALORIES! I almost died! In one little tiny pie! No wonder we are a fat america!

I found at the store this morning, Bagel Thins, by Thomas'. They are whole wheat and only 110 calories for the bagel, and really good. I stood at the cream cheese for about 10 minutes though, reading and comparing labels, I finally settled on the Fat Free Philly Strawberry Cream Cheese. It was way lower in calories then most of the other ones.

Last night we went to Northwood's Inn for Lenny's Birthday, it was delicious. It amazed me how I was able to stop eating when I was full, I am determined to never feel "stuffed again". I am trying this mind trick where I tell myself to pack it up and take it home and I will get to enjoy it more then once! So far it is working....


  1. you are becoming an inspiration :-)

    A trick I saw on Dr Oz is when you go out to eat BEFORE you start to eat have them give you a container to put half into to bring home.


  2. I am so proud of you! You are doing awesome! You will reach your goal in no time!