August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been a little behind on starting the "Barry's Boot Camp" home workout system that Veronica gave me, but there was no day like the present and OMG! It was wonderful. I didn't pay for it, but I believe it would have been worth every penny. Today I did day one, which was a lower body workout. It has a warm up, 21 minutes workout, and then cool down. Let me just say as I sit here 10 minutes later trying to cool down, I am still sweating bullets and my abs are ON FIRE! I asked Lenny to go get the fire extinguisher because I think there may be a fire under all this cushion! He he. And for those of you who are around me the most know that I say "I'm gonna die" all the time, and this time I just might (had to throw in some drama queen, LOL)!

Any of you who might be interested in the Barry's Boot Camp set I see it is $44.95 on ebay!

I have almost finishing listening to "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz, and as much as it is like a lecture from school, the knowledge I have gained about how my body works and why what you are is really what you eat, I am SO GLAD I listened to it. Today on the Dr. Oz show (I think it was todays, darn Tivo I never know what days show I am watching) they talked about weight loss being a J.O.B. J for journaling your food, check, I use the O for obstacles, that is for darn sure! They are all around me everyday. Even the drive home from work I think, I could just drive through and get something yummy, but then I think back to how far I have come and gladly enough I don't want to throw that away! B is for BE PATIENT, ahhhh, the hardest factor. Patience, in a world of fast paced I want it now mentality. That is what I need you all for. To remind me that this is going to take time and not to give up! That is the weakness, that is the easiest way to give up.

Have you ever noticed how many Lap Band billboards there are on the freeways? I mean they are EVERYWHERE, I am not kidding. If you haven't paid attention you should, it really is funny. OC Jenn and I were driving last Friday night and I swear in some areas they were like 2 or 3 billboards in a row. It was funny. I guess they are really pushing that. Funny.

So one of the things I am thinking about getting is a Pedometer....I want to see if I am coming close to 10,000 steps a day. Anyone have one that they know works good that they can recommend a brand? Or have one they can loan me so I can find out.

Well, I am off to the shower, have a wonderful night everyone, and thanks for following!


  1. Hi
    I found several pedameter at Kmart in Diamond Bar. U Dennis has one you could talk to him.
    A Sandy

  2. The key is inexpensive. I have not found one that does not work....