August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tip of the Day: Stick With It

Wow 3 followers, I am so excited - and in just one day. Thanks you all for your support!

So today was a great day. Ate all my meals correctly even in the case of lunch brought into work (Pizza, Yum) but I passed and had my salad with a chicken breast and watermelon. I am noticing that I am not feeling very full (which is good) but I am hungry most of the time (well at least my stomach is). I am hoping that will go away. My stomach should shrink I assume?

Talked with Alaina last night about this blogging thing...she encouraged it also. She asked me what my first short term goal is and you know, I didn't have an answer. I hadn't even thought about it. So we talked and I guess the first goal is to fit back in some of my shirts and jeans that are snug. (And for those of you who really know me know that those are the only clothes hanging in my closet LOL).

Now to the real issue - I CANNOT LIFT MY ARMS! Even typing this is making me sore. Got home from work at about 8:30pm and hit the treadmill for 1 mile (20minutes) then on to my first day of P90X Workout. HOLY COW I could just die (and thought I might). Lucky for me I didn't have the pull up bar thingy that you need so I couldn't do any of the pull up exercises (and yes, you get to use a chair cause we all know I am not going to pull myself up just yet). Thank goodness I didn't because I have never attempted so many different types of push ups in my life. It was so hard I couldn't help but laugh, which is better then cry. He He. Needless to say I am sure I will be worse in the morning.

Lenny blew up the Nordic Ball I got on sale at Sears for $5 and it came with an entire sheet of exercises which is really cool. I did a few but after and hour and half of working out I was tired, plus tonight is Hollywood Week for American Idol and I have to watch it before sleeping.

Biggest Problem of the Day: Avoiding the Red Velvet Cake that was served for Birthday Celebrations at work. ACCOMPLISHED!

See you tomorrow night!
Love Nanc


  1. The workouts will get easier, just keep them up. You will probably be sore for a while, but it will get better. I am proud of you for not having any cake! You are doing great!

  2. Nancy have you seen Dr Oz show. You can Tvo it. It is on at 5pm on channel 11. They help with weight management in some way almost every show. Give tips on eating to help you feel full longer. Congrats on not eating the cake.
    A Sandy