August 2009 - Mexico

August 2009 - Mexico

Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Alone Day

So being at home alone has always been troublesome for me...BOREDOM EATING....but today I stuck to my guns. Cereal for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch, and a Subway Combo for dinner (Turkey Sand with Apples and a Water). MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

So I started looking on Craig's List for a used Elliptical, and today my dreams came true. There was one posted at noon that I saw at 1pm that was a NordicTrack Gym Quality Elliptical. The family had it in storage and needed to get rid of it. I went and looked at it and it was great. It is a few model years old, but it is in GREAT condition and at $200 it was a steal! They sell for about $1000 new, so I am lucky. They just wanted to get rid of it.

I had a meeting tonight so I got home from work about 9 and Lenny helped me bring it in the house. That was fun, and Lenny has been sick so he was really excited as you can imagine. (But he did it without a gripe at all). We got it into the spare bedroom, and well, setting it up on the carpet wasn't the best idea, no support. So Lenny will have to make me come kind of floor for it with wood. Well I got on at about 10 and went for 30 minutes, it was great. I may have done a little to much because I feel a little nauseous, but that will pass.

For now I am exhausted, but here's to another successful day.
Thanks for following, I need you.

Love Nancy

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  1. Ahhhh!!!! You are doing soooo is really hard to be so disciplined :)

    I have another tip - google the restaurant that you are going to before you get there - they almost always have a menu online that will tell you the nutritionals - like at Yardhouse...I always go for the ahi tuna salad w/no crunchies and no dressing. Ask for a lemon and oil and vinegar....NEVER use the oil. Too many calories.

    AND another good snack is air-popped popcorn and hot sounds weird...but in place of chips and salsa it is way low calorie. HOT SAUCE = no calories....AIR POPPED POPCORN = 30 calories per cup.

    Keep it up!